success story

I absolutely love jokes.  I love hearing them, I love reading them, I love writing them, I love performing them, and I love dissecting them -- which is why I’m a stand up comedian.  So the question lies, why would you hire a comedian for your sales training?

I wasn’t always just a comic. I had a day job selling software.  My life was pretty much start up by day and stand up by night. But to be honest, I would slip in comedy in the day as well.  I would step away from my desk, grab a pen and legal pad, find a quiet corner in the office, and write jokes for 15 minutes. I felt kinda guilty for not focusing on the actual job that paid me, but I told myself, “Hey, as long as I’m exceeding quota, I should be fine.”  One day, my manager took our sales team into a room, and said, “We need to think creatively on how we can book more meetings and close more deals.” We obviously agreed. Then we sat silently staring at each other and realized no one, including our manager, knew what “thinking creatively” actually meant and most importantly, what it requires.  I couldn’t blame them because all they were focused on were numbers and routine activities.

When I left the meeting, I went back to my quiet corner and filled up my blank legal notepad with random unfinished thoughts . Then it hit me,  I know exactly what thinking creatively means! In fact, not only do I know what it means, I strengthen my creative skills every day. Then I thought, maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty about sneaking away from my desk to write jokes because maybe honing my creative skills is the reason I’m exceeding quota and closing larger deals faster.  So as time went on I no longer went to the corner to write, and instead took pride in my creative break and even recommended my coworkers to join me. Together we noticed how exercising our creative skills allows us to connect better with our clients and come up with innovative ideas to find and close more business. That’s why you would hire a comedian for your sales training.   

THE challenge

In order for companies to stay innovative, management will ask their employees to think creatively. However many professionals are never given practical tools on improving their creative skills, which leads them to falsely believe creativity is a talent that can’t be taught or improved.

The Solution

A 2 hour interactive joke writing workshop where participants will be guided through a systematic process of thinking creatively.

who takes this workshop

  • Sales teams that are looking to create more opportunities and close more business.

  • Executives that are looking to improve their skills on generating innovative ideas.

  • Professionals that are asked to think creatively to do their job.

value for the individual

  • You will know why and how thinking creatively allows you to better connect with clients and win more deals.

  • You will know what action items are necessary to overcome the fear of being creative.

  • You will be given practical tools to improve your written and verbal communication skills.

value for the team

  • Your team will be more motivated to come up with innovative ideas for their job.

  • Your team will be more supportive and understanding with each other when experimenting with new ideas.

  • Your team will laugh and bond with each other as they share their creative thoughts together.

jokes apply to business

  • Joke writing is one way to exercise one’s creative skills and it has been proven that more creative professionals close more business.

  • In order for sales professionals to tailor their message to potential clients, they need to create “Wow Moments.” The elements of a “Wow Moment” are surprise, empathy, delight, and resolution. All these elements are associated with jokes as well.

  • In order for professionals to get in front of decision makers they need to be concise with their words when composing emails and presenting their service. One of the most important elements of writing a joke is word economy.


Stand Up Comedy


  • Here’s a link to my LinkedIn Profile showing how I’ve been a top performer in 3 different tech companies.

  • Closed more new business than any other sales rep in company history in their first quarter in the role.

  • Closed deals faster than any other sales rep in company history by efficiently sourcing my own opportunities.

Why this workshop over others

  • This workshop is very different than other business related workshops keeping your employees engaged and most importantly motivated to do their jobs better.

  • While at times necessary, workshops directly covering email composition, pitch practice, and sales discovery can be stale and repetitive.

  • While improv games can boost creativity, it can make employees uncomfortable to perform in front of their peers. Joke writing doesn’t require participants to perform in front of anyone and yet they will still achieve a state of creativity.

Getting started

Here’s a link to contact me.